We help our clients to develop brands and businesses that are desired by customers, provide meaningful employment for talented employees and more financially rewarding for the owners.

We look at it in five levels:

“Purpose” or Vision

As today’s customers, and employees, increasingly call for organizations to have a more meaningful reason for being, we believe it is imperative for every organization to clarify its Purpose.

Mission is an expression of what you do today and may evolve with perceived opportunity in the marketplace.

Purpose is rarely modified.
Why Define Our Purpose?

Defining your Purpose has, in our experience, these benefits

  • Helping you win customers who share the same world-view and therefore find your offering compelling.
  • Helping you attract and keep, highly productive and talented employees, because they share the same intrinsic motivations
  • Helping you build a more effective organization that functions more coherently, has higher levels of integration and coordination both horizontally and vertically
  • Helping you win with investors who are attracted by your desire to make the world a better place
  • And, ultimately, helping drive higher returns for the organization

We can help you define your purpose.


You can either call it Brand or Business Strategy; it is ALWAYS about winning in the marketplace. And that’s achieved by matching opportunity in the marketplace with the unique capability of your organization. And, by providing compelling value to the customers you choose to serve.

To do that every Strategy must answer two key questions:
Where to play? and How to win?

    1. Where to play? requires decisions about the product-markets in which the brand and business will compete. Which customers it will choose to serve —and equally important, which customers it will not – married to the level of investment that it must make to be successful with those customers.
    2. How to win? requires decisions related to the value proposition that your brand and business must deliver to its customers if it is to satisfy their needs. Coupled with the assets and competencies required to achieve that goal and, finally, the functional strategies and programs employed to deliver on that chosen Strategy.

We can help you develop the strategy for a new business, or modify the strategy for your existing business.
We can also assist you to amplify and execute your strategy through the following areas of expertise:

  • Nurturing a coherent and adaptive culture to amplify your strategy
  • Bolstering your organization’s capability to execute your strategy brilliantly
  • Managing the people side of change to speed the ROI of change initiatives supporting your strategy
  • Building and leveraging brand equity through an optimal brand portfolio strategy
  • Creating strategic marketing communications & digital strategies and programs


Peter Drucker famously declared “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”

However, in our view, both are equally important.
A well-conceived strategy is crucial for winning in the marketplace.
A strong organizational culture–one that is coherent and adaptive– amplifies your current strategy, and your ability to respond to changes in the marketplace.
A weak culture–one that is incoherent–hinders both your ability to win and adapt.
We define culture as “The way we do things around here,” and our services provide clients with the expertise to nurture a strong culture for either their existing business, or new entrepreneurial ventures. Our tools, frameworks and processes are informed by “best practices” in the business and academic literature, and have been specifically developed to enable speedy interventions leading to quick wins for our clients.

Our Culture services include:
Culture Assessments (specifically for Existing businesses)
This intervention is about diagnosing elements of your culture that can help or hinder your strategy, and recommending specific initiatives to amplify or diminish these elements.
Culture Shaping (specifically for new Entrepreneurial ventures)
This intervention is about clarifying the purpose and values at the heart of the culture for your entrepreneurial venture and recommending specific initiatives to make these integral to “The way we do things around here” for your organization
Culture Islands (For Existing businesses and new Entrepreneurial ventures)
This intervention is about helping new teams of talented employees from diverse backgrounds quickly learn how to work effectively together.

Change Management

Too often driving Change in an organization is simply seen as an exercise in communicating a new direction, business practice, process or system to employees, and “hoping” this will lead to the requisite changes in behaviour.

That is not the way to build a brand or business that is strong from the inside out.
Hope is never the right strategy to support changes that must become embedded in the organization’s culture and help drive the organization’s Strategy.

For us, Change Management is a deliberate and purposeful strategy to help speed the ROI of change initiatives supporting your strategy.

Critically, it is ground in a deep understanding and appreciation of the people side of change. The people we’re asking to change. The people with whom we must make the change stick.
As certified MCkinney rogers Certified performance guru , our tools, frameworks and processes are informed by “best practices” and have been specifically developed to enable a rigorous approach to planning and executing change initiatives that have the following benefits:

  • Speed the ROI of change initiatives in support of your strategy
  • Support change initiatives recommended in our strategy engagements
  • Support change initiatives recommended in our culture engagements
  • Support change initiatives recommended in our organization engagements
  • Support change initiatives recommended in our brand portfolio strategy engagements
  • Support change initiatives recommended in our strategic marketing communications & digital strategy engagements

Organizational Change

Organization experts typically use terms such as “design”, “capabilities”, “mission critical systems and processes” “structure,” “responsibilities and decision rights,” and “performance management” etc.

You need a vibrant organization that can adopt to change and quick decision making processes. As such, our Services focus on analyzing and recommending changes to your organization to achieve the following:

  • Higher levels of vertical alignment
  • Higher levels of horizontal integration and coordination
  • Higher levels of learning and development
  • Higher levels of agility

If you’d like our assistance helping drive better organizational outcomes, so your organization can become strong from the inside out, please contact us today.


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